Long time…

So it has been a really long time since we have posted anything. Let’s attribute that to busyness at work and school and life in general…not lazyness. Mmmm, ok maybe not. Ah well, so what are the most recent things? It seems like Nicole and I have been traveling a lot. In the beginning of September Nicole went to India and I went to Brazil. Later in the month we spent some time with some family up in the middle part of the state. A definite highlight was going to see a couple Red Sox games in Tampa with Susie and Steve, Kirsten, and Auntie Ginger. We stayed with Nicole’s parents while we were up that way which is always nice.We spent half the month of October in Africa, one week in Kenya and one week in Niger. Niger was a real treat because we were there for work but Dave and Hope kind of hosted us and so all our time was spent with them. And I just got back from Argentina last week, hopefully one of my last quarterly printing trips for a long time to come.

We are up in Massachusetts right now for Thanksgiving and a little early Christmas celebration as well. It has been a great time seeing our adorable nieces and nephew and the rest of the family. Got to spend some time with the Minnichs dropping by my parents house for a few hours too. Joel, Jared, Jake and I spent some time outside playing wiffleball despite the frigid weather.

And now we are looking forward to Christmas up in Lakeland with the other side of the family. I am not sure what I am looking forward to most time with Ella and Elijah, doing mostly nothing, or shooting with Kyle (I think I am even going to buy a new gun before Christmas so we have something else to shoot besides the .45).

Well, I need to go now. My ten year high school reunion is tonight…joy. Here are some pcitures….

Sam and me

Nicole and Sam

Dave and Sam


Jake and the boat!

Sophia and Dan

Jon and Lauren

Nicole and Lauren

The Minnichs

Joel, me and Jared

Me and Kate

Opening presents

The nativity

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