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Long time…

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

So it has been a really long time since we have posted anything. Let’s attribute that to busyness at work and school and life in general…not lazyness. Mmmm, ok maybe not. Ah well, so what are the most recent things? It seems like Nicole and I have been traveling a lot. In the beginning of September Nicole went to India and I went to Brazil. Later in the month we spent some time with some family up in the middle part of the state. A definite highlight was going to see a couple Red Sox games in Tampa with Susie and Steve, Kirsten, and Auntie Ginger. We stayed with Nicole’s parents while we were up that way which is always nice.We spent half the month of October in Africa, one week in Kenya and one week in Niger. Niger was a real treat because we were there for work but Dave and Hope kind of hosted us and so all our time was spent with them. And I just got back from Argentina last week, hopefully one of my last quarterly printing trips for a long time to come.

We are up in Massachusetts right now for Thanksgiving and a little early Christmas celebration as well. It has been a great time seeing our adorable nieces and nephew and the rest of the family. Got to spend some time with the Minnichs dropping by my parents house for a few hours too. Joel, Jared, Jake and I spent some time outside playing wiffleball despite the frigid weather.

And now we are looking forward to Christmas up in Lakeland with the other side of the family. I am not sure what I am looking forward to most time with Ella and Elijah, doing mostly nothing, or shooting with Kyle (I think I am even going to buy a new gun before Christmas so we have something else to shoot besides the .45).

Well, I need to go now. My ten year high school reunion is tonight…joy. Here are some pcitures….

Sam and me

Nicole and Sam

Dave and Sam


Jake and the boat!

Sophia and Dan

Jon and Lauren

Nicole and Lauren

The Minnichs

Joel, me and Jared

Me and Kate

Opening presents

The nativity

El Salvador – Distribution begins

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Distribution begins for my team that is. The national church has been hard at work here for weeks and there are 4 other teams from the US in El Salvador this week distributing the Book of Hope. And, an absolutely incredible group of Response Team members who have taken care of all the details . . . maybe they can all hang around during Hope Celebration . . .

We are working with an awesome team from a Salvadorian church. I love them. They love the children of El Salvador and put a ton of energy and love in everything they do.

What I love the most are the children! It is amazing how much you can communicate with smiles and a digital camera. They ALL wanted their picture taken, and then they wanted to see their picture. I had a great time taking their pictures and hugging them.

Best of all, they each got their own copy of God’s Word – -and an invitation to see the GodMan on Friday.

I’ll try to post more later this week. Here are a few photos . . .

My Book of Hope

My new friends

Nicole’s Travel Map

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

More random information about my life . . . hopefully some new countries are added this year!

The Children Do Not Smile

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Cambodia was not what I expected. Did I know it was third world, devastated by the Pol Pot regime, recovering from the loss of much of its population? Yes, I knew those things. I knew that child prostitution was a significant problem and that the educational system was in disarray. That corruption was the rule of the day. That Buddhism would have a heavy influence, although it would not be strictly adhered to. I expected all of that.

But I did not know that the smiles of the children would be few. That aggression would be common, spitting and hitting and pushing and shoving. Stealing books from the hands of a classmate. I did not know that the mark of this nation’s past would be displayed in the eyes of its children.

Cambodia is a broken nation and it was a great experience to see children receive their own copy of God’s Word. I was there 3 days, we spent one day in a school where about 500 children received the Book of Hope. The next day we traveled into rural Cambodia with a humanitarian agency. The villages we visited had no electricity and were separated from the more ‘developed’ part of Cambodia by the Mekong River, reached only by a rickety ferry. The group from the humanitarian agency are Christians. They go into the village every two weeks, teaching basic hygiene. We were allowed to do a Book of Hope presentation and the humanitarian team will continue to follow up with the children and their families.

My last day I visited Toul Sleng, the Khmer Rouge S-21 prison that used to be a school before it was turned into an interrogation center. Thousands of Cambodia people, including women & children, were tortured and killed in the facility. Before they were killed they were photographed, and their photographs are on display today . . . rows and rows of photos, lives lost at the hands of a brutal dictator.

The nation bears these scars, but there is healing as well. When the nation opened in the early 90’s, there were an estimated 200-1000 believers in the country – – now, there are over 100,000!

I left Cambodia for Thailand on Sunday. Since then, I’ve been in a hotel meeting room. Although I am not ‘seeing’ Thailand, the meetings have been informative and challenging and have given me insight that will be valuable as I return to work. This evening I leave for my trip home, it will take 4 planes – 5 airports – 36 hours. I’m glad Jon will be waiting for me when I arrive!

I’ll post photos when I return.