El Salvador – Distribution begins

Distribution begins for my team that is. The national church has been hard at work here for weeks and there are 4 other teams from the US in El Salvador this week distributing the Book of Hope. And, an absolutely incredible group of Response Team members who have taken care of all the details . . . maybe they can all hang around during Hope Celebration . . .

We are working with an awesome team from a Salvadorian church. I love them. They love the children of El Salvador and put a ton of energy and love in everything they do.

What I love the most are the children! It is amazing how much you can communicate with smiles and a digital camera. They ALL wanted their picture taken, and then they wanted to see their picture. I had a great time taking their pictures and hugging them.

Best of all, they each got their own copy of God’s Word – -and an invitation to see the GodMan on Friday.

I’ll try to post more later this week. Here are a few photos . . .

My Book of Hope

My new friends

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