Our 2005

Ok, I am just going to start writing about 2005. This is going to be a work in progress but i do not really want to have a whole bunch of posts about last year. I think I will just list a bunch of things that I’ll write more about later…and then maybe someday we’ll actually post pictures of these things 🙂

Of course the biggest thing that happened in 2005 was the wedding. The perfect day for sure, we could not have been happier with how

The GodMan premiere was in Buenos Aires, Argentina in June. Nicole and I had the awesome privilege of being there and let me just tell you it was awesome. It was a lot of work to make sure it was all set up but Catedral de la Fe is an amazing church with lots of amazing people who really know what they are doing, they made it look easy!

We headed to Colordao in August to Silverthorne. It was just a great time of being together in a place with lots of things to do and see.

Sophia’s Birthday

I headed to Washington DC to meet up with Nicole who was there for a conference. We got together with great friends and saw many of the DC sights and just spent the days walking around.

Hurricane Wilma…what more needs to be said?? I guess I am a little weird but I actually enjoyed the hurricane, I know, strange. We made great friends and learned how to grill anything.

Ella’s first time to the beach

We headed to MA for Thanksgiving/Christmas in November. So a wonderful spread of traditional Thanksgiving mean on Thursday. Friday was going to cut a Christmas tree…in the snow, how perfect. Saturday was Christmas at my parents for all the Johanssons. Such a great time with family!

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