My Visual DNA

May 14th, 2007

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So, I came across this widget on another site and thought that it was at least mildly interesting. I think it is only slightly on target, but perhaps insightful in some ways . . . and it means I posted, which has been a recent goal.


May 13th, 2007

So earlier I talked to Dave for a little while. What’s so strange about that? Well I had to call him on his new cell phone, ya know, the one with his new number in Niger. Dave, Hope, Sam, and Mulligan have relocated to one of the hottest places in the world this past week, Niamey, Niger. This is something they decided long ago and have been working towards, but when it finally happened, the day when they actually got on the plane, it seemed so sudden. We are excited for them and can’t wait to see the awesome ways God uses them to affect destiny. I think you should go check out their site

Florida Niger Far

Easter weekend…

April 9th, 2007

It is times like this weekend when I truly remember how blessed we are…

First and foremost is Easter and what Jesus Christ did for everyone on the cross, and God raising him from the dead…just unfathomable.

Then there is my awesome family…



Meet Kate Johansson

March 7th, 2007

Check out Kate with her big brother and sister!

Jake Sophia and Kate

Apple Pie

October 17th, 2006

So I am waiting right now for my pie, it’s in the oven right now and probably has about 30-35 minutes left. Of course then I am going to have to let it set for like 45 minutes after I take it out. So, that leaves me with about an hour and twenty minutes before I am enjoying the last of the pies using the apples Nicole brought back from New England last week. This is the third pie I have made in a week all from scratch and let me tell you that they have been unbelievable thus far! The first one I used Macintosh apples and these last two have been with Cortlands. Tonight’s was definitely the prettiest one, the crust was a little too crumbly with the first two but tonight….tonights was perfect. In fact I am going to go get the camera right now and take a picture of it in the oven! (the left is no flash, the right with flash)

MMM, I have got to say that I am really looking forward to a slice with some vanilla ice cream….gotta love great New England baking apples!! (if you lived in Florida it is one of the things you would miss when the fall comes around!)