Back to the grind

Here it is lunch time on Tuesday after vacation, sigh. Only 38 urgent follow up items, too bad every time I cross one off someone sends another email and I add something else to the list.

Vacation was great, made some decent progress on the bathroom as shown in Nicole’s post below. And of course we had to take a couple of days to go to Lakeland where my in laws have the best house to do nothing and eat great food. Sunday we had the interns and some RT (probably warrants further explanation but I don’t feel like writing more right now) over for dinner. The best part about having interns and RT over is the leftovers. Well maybe the best part is spending time with these great guys and girls who are either getting ready to go out on the mission field for a few months or they are just coming back from being out for a few months and getting to know them. Let’s see if I can remember them all…(Todd would be proud of me though the spellings may be way off): returning interns Kyle, Matt, Todd, Alise, Karina, Lauren and new interns Jessie, Kelsie, and Jen and of course fabulous RT folks Woody, Michelle, Christine, and the Wests. Somehow Bruce got added to the mix too?

Sigh…lunch is over

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