Vacation . . .

. . . means doing a lot of nothing, at least this time around. Originally I was planning several days at the beach, but it has been raining for two days. Before you say awhh, you should know we are officially in a ‘drought’ (I admit that I find this to be a slight exaggeration, particularly when you think of what drought means in most parts of the world. Here it means you can only water your lawn once a week). Either way, we do need the rain so we have not been complaining.

Jon has been tearing our master bathroom out (I guess I shouldn’t say he is doing nothing, but I am). I’ll post a pic below. It isn’t that exciting to see, but I’m so glad it is happening!

Tomorrow we are going to visit my parents . . . more of nothing! Its a perfect place to relax, hopefully no rain and I’ll have a few days at the pool.

More later . . .

Bathroom Demo.

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