You too…

So we are in Lakeland right now and it is Saturday morning. The Saturday morning after a momentous occasion…so momentous might be an overstatement but it was still pretty darn cool. We went and saw Brian Regan last night at the Youkie Theater. Now, if you have been around me at all over the past four years you probably have heard me quote or been forced to listen to the only comedian I have ever liked. I have got to say that last night I was not let down at all! And let me just pause to give credit where credit is due. I was introduced to Brian Regan during the summer of 2002 by the Tuscaloosa band (specifically Jacob Corey gets the credit in my opinion though there is some debate about this), so Delana Brown, Stephanie Michelle (Khalilian) Woody, Chris Penuel, Chris Baten, Paris Vega, Candice Ashford and of course Derek Sullivan let me say a big thank you for that summer! 🙂

Oh and YOU TOO!!!

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